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Connecting Playbook - BlackBerry smartphone via BlackBerry Bridge

Playbook extended awaited by the users of the BlackBerry lastly appeared on the market. Despite the fact that already has several mainstay features like correct multi-tasking, video recorder format digicam with total High definition (1080p), up to a browser that provides encounters like employing a desktop but this Playbook will not be felt ideal if [… Read More]

Motorola Defy+ Android smartphone

Hardiness android phones more and more crowded by the existence Defy+ from Motorola, the vendor recently acquired by Google. In addition to a better ability than the first version of the Defy, he is also touted as the most powerful Android smartphone. Gingerbread Android-based handset is outfitted with IP67 certification. That is, he can survive [… Read More]

BB Torch 9850-7OS GSM-CDMA Global Smartphone

Blackberry Torch 9850 is one particular of the 7OS-driven Blackberry smartphone destined to be offered with Sprint, U.S. Cellular and Verizon Wireless (eight Sep 2024). It brings a 3.7 inches touchscreen screen, a 1.two GHz processor and five MP digicam on the back again. BB Torch 9850 functions with CDMA bands and supports 20241x and [… Read More]

Is this Google Nexus Prime’s smartphone?

Nexus Prime touted as the most up-to-date smartphone from the Nexus family members, soon after Nexus 1 and Nexus S. A photo which is claimed as Nexus Prime has also appeared in cyberspace. Handtec on the internet stores in the Uk has been displaying the photos which it accuses of Nexus Prime. In accordance to [… Read More]