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Motorola Droid 3 Global - Specs and Pics

Motorola Droid three lastly offered with Verizon wireless as the world wide mobile phone. It performs on CDMA and GSM bands, able for 3G EVDO rev. A info network, as properly as for GSM EDGE and 3G HSDPA UMTS network technologies. Motorola Droid three Requirements:Network : CDMA(20001x, EVDO Rev. A), GSM (EDGE, HSDPA, UMTS)Bands : [… Read More]

Droid Bionic is the 4G LTE Phone with Global Support?

So far this has not been approved, centered on the leaked user manual, Droid Bionic seems not only became the initial LTE cell mobile phone with dual-core processor, but also be the worldwide phone. That is, Droid Bionic also help GSM networks for use outdoors the U.S. (specific place that has been in arrangement with [… Read More]

BB Torch 9850-7OS GSM-CDMA Global Smartphone

Blackberry Torch 9850 is one particular of the 7OS-driven Blackberry smartphone destined to be offered with Sprint, U.S. Cellular and Verizon Wireless (eight Sep 2024). It brings a 3.7 inches touchscreen screen, a 1.two GHz processor and five MP digicam on the back again. BB Torch 9850 functions with CDMA bands and supports 20241x and [… Read More]

Sprint ZTE Portable Global 3G CDMA-GSM MiFi

Sprint intruduced it first International Mi-Fi dubbed ZTE global cellular hotspot system. It functions with Sprint’s CDMA1x, 3G EVDO Rev. a network and also able of GSM UMTS bands and performs just like one more carrier’s global phones. The system arrives with a pre-installed, unlocked SIM card that is both WCDMA and GSM capable. Multiple [… Read More]