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Motorola Droid Bionic LTE This Summer Official (Verizon)

After BestBuy wrote “coming quickly” for the most awaited LTE 4G phones, Motorola DROID Bionic, now it seems official now given that indicator up page officially pulled out by Verizon Wireless that notify us about coming shortly this Summertime. Motorola Droid Bionic will automatically turn into the fourth LTE 4G mobile phone on Verizon’s haouse, [… Read More]

Finally, Here’s The Real Bionic Droid

If the photographs of the Droid Bionic appearance that outstanding now do not fulfill you to see far more evidently, now you can see snapshots from the FCC documents published by Droid-Daily life this morning. Specifications are not nevertheless offered, but it looks Droid Bionic making use of QHD screen 4.three “and not 4.five” as [… Read More]

Motorola Droid Bionic Targa LTE 4G, Where is your New Face?

The story is lengthy connected with Droid Bionic. Started when Bionic canceled its launch, then leads to a Motorola Targa rumors, which were similarly occur as 4G LTE-enabled smartphone. And the rumor turned that Motorola Targa to be introduced by utilizing the title of Bionic. But alongside with the time, it looks each Droid Bionic [… Read More]

Droid Bionic is the 4G LTE Phone with Global Support?

So far this has not been approved, centered on the leaked user manual, Droid Bionic seems not only became the initial LTE cell mobile phone with dual-core processor, but also be the worldwide phone. That is, Droid Bionic also help GSM networks for use outdoors the U.S. (specific place that has been in arrangement with [… Read More]

Droid Bionic ready to Prevent iPhone 5

Motorola officially bring Droid Bionic, new Android smartphone. With a number of features on board, he is expected to be the opponent or if not better than iPhone 5 that reportedly slid in October. Droid Bionic available from September 8 in the United States through Verizon. The presence of this phone was long overdue, but [… Read More]