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Nokia C2-06, Dual SIM Touch Screen

Nokia preparing to launch a new cell mobile phone, now aimed at the lower lessons. The cellphone, known as C2-06 has a sliding keyboard merged with a touch display. Therefore, need to the mobile cellphone handset into the line of Touch and Kind Nokia. That there is even now a numerical keyboard and not a [… Read More]

The victims of layoffs Nokia demand by the Giants

Action layoff hundreds of personnel that will be accomplished by Nokia was noticed by the other IT giants. For example Intel, Google and Samsung, the 3 reportedly intrigued to entice the victims of layoffs Nokia. Intel Corp. became the get together most interested to accommodate this previous Nokia employee. Intel spokesman admitted that his side [… Read More]

Nokia Life Tools add Health Info

After providing agricultural data providers, education and learning, and entertainment, the Nokia Lifestyle Resources now provides wellbeing information services. These companies permit consumers to access a selection of health data by way of an embedded application on the phone. Nokia Existence Instruments that have been planted in a amount of varieties of phones created to [… Read More]

Nokia C2-01, S40 mobile phone with Latest NLT Service

As the presence of wellness companies Nokia Existence Tools (NLT), Nokia also offer it with the newest S40 phones called Nokia C2-01. With this cell telephone customers do not require to improve the firmware if users want to get pleasure from the latest NLT well being care, since there is in it. Fundamentally, this candybar [… Read More]

Nokia C3-01 Gold Edition, cheap gold-plated mobile phone

Nokia provides new gold-plated cell phones, C3-01 Gold Version. Yes, this telephone is a modification of the C3-01 that had extended been on the marketplace. C3-01 is not a smartphone simply because it is still based mostly on S40 software package. Nevertheless, the facility is complete in feature mobile phone group, for illustration by the [… Read More]