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BlackBerry Playbook Review Part 2

BlackBerry Playbook evidently not just a product that entered the battle arena tablets without a weapon. Numerous capabilities such as multi-tasking, and the browser can show the optimum, and a differentiator Playbook with its opponents. Sadly vital function as basic as e-mail programs, contacts calendar is also not available by default and can only discovered [… Read More]

RIM is showing off Playbook to Indonesia

When formally released in the United States and Canada, the BlackBerry Playbook eventually introduced Research In Motion (RIM) to Indonesia. The area picked to show off the tablet Pc is the Parkir Timur Senayan, Jakarta. But do not be mistaken the moment, introduced Playbook this does not indicate that these units are immediately marketed in [… Read More]

Connecting Playbook - BlackBerry smartphone via BlackBerry Bridge

Playbook extended awaited by the users of the BlackBerry lastly appeared on the market. Despite the fact that already has several mainstay features like correct multi-tasking, video recorder format digicam with total High definition (1080p), up to a browser that provides encounters like employing a desktop but this Playbook will not be felt ideal if [… Read More]

Blackberry Playbook, just complement Blackberry phones

Having announced in the 4th quarter final 12 months and had delayed its release. Playbook ultimately capable to enjoy by BlackBerry loyal consumers. As of this creating, Playbook is officially only available in North American market place but at minimum you can find Playbook of BM edition in the nearby market with ease. What are [… Read More]