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Pantech Apache Headed to Verizon as a Cheap LTE 4G Phone?

Pantech Apache codename ADR8995 noted just visits FCC with Verizon LTE band. Although still no official confirmations, the Apache is clearly alleged headed to Verizon Wireless to be the up coming LTE phones lineup. There is not much that we can get about its specs, except its Wi-Fi b, g, n and bluetooth certifications that [… Read More]

Motorola XT316, complementing cheap Android market

Android phone that combines a touch display screen and a physical qwerty keyboard at the bottom will be far more crowded. Motorola announced the existence XT316, Android affordable with such type. With a exciting style, lovely and a great social media options, the Motorola XT316 present encounter employing a smartphone on a occupied user at [… Read More]

Cheap Android, Acer Liquid Mini

A single far more selection is current for the Android mobile phone at an cost-effective price, the Acer Liquid Mini total array of mobile phones like Samsung Galaxy Mini, LG Optimus Me, and Android smartphone at the price tag variety underneath $ 200. So what Acer Liquid Mini differentiator with its competitors so that the [… Read More]

Nokia C3-01 Gold Edition, cheap gold-plated mobile phone

Nokia provides new gold-plated cell phones, C3-01 Gold Version. Yes, this telephone is a modification of the C3-01 that had extended been on the marketplace. C3-01 is not a smartphone simply because it is still based mostly on S40 software package. Nevertheless, the facility is complete in feature mobile phone group, for illustration by the [… Read More]