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Blackberry Colt the First QNX-Based RIM Phone

Blackberry Colt 1st emerged from an internal Verizon document that uncovered with several other types of numerous brand names. Rumor says that the Colt will be the 1st Blackberry mobile phone to use QNX as the OS. (QNX is the OS utilised on the Blackberry Playbook). Detailed data is even now not accessible, so far [… Read More]

Child ID, the first mobile application from the FBI

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) introduced their very first cell software. The following software is meant for mother and father who lost her son. Application known as Child ID is doing work on an iPhone product. Companies and guidelines in it are valuable for mother and father who had the tragic functions of shedding a [… Read More]

Colt, the first BlackBerry with QNX OS

Study in Movement (RIM) not long ago launched 5 BlackBerry handset with BlackBerry seven operating program. Apparently the ammunition Canadian vendor is not to quit there, they had been reportedly getting ready to launch BlackBerry with QNX operating technique. Indeed, as frequently touted, QNX OS that is now utilized by the Playbook will also landed [… Read More]