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How to protect the vibrating screen mesh are not wear

How to protect the vibrating screen mesh are not wear


Vibrating screen net is system of sand production line equipment. Structure of the vibrating screen mesh weaving is bent into a form of corrugated metal wire in advance, make two bending vibration screen card in the same position, make the two curved card in the same position, guarantee the mesh size. Vibrating screen mesh with two-way corrugated bending, locked bending, Raymond mill price isolate wave wave bending, two-way bending, flat-topped curved bending, firm structure, one-way ripple. More used in mines, Raymond mill coal mine, coal, construction, glass, petroleum, metal products industry, etc. Crimped wire mesh has special pig with a net. Screen mesh sieve net of the main causes of damage are: too rapidly to be of poor quality, screen mesh tension strength,steel wire mesh vibration electric system of sand production line machine steering error, vibration motor steering error, clay accumulation, etc. Screen tension is not strong enough, so that high strength grinding screen vibrate, so that cause the screen.

Usually along the screen edge or serging layering, fracture or damage to the mesh quality is not qualified. Upper part of the screen will typically have screen the stress of the layer and lower layer, requirements fit closely between the two layers. If screen pre tensioning technology is poor, when stress layer at the bottom of screen mesh taut, sieve layered not taut, greatly reduce drilling cuttings of throwing force at work, can‘t eduction cuttings, vibration motor to the wrong Raymond mill by mistake in the debug steering of the vibration motor, vibration motor steering error in debug vibration motor, the site operator based on past experience with single axis vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen, thought so long as drilling cuttings moving forward. But this method is not applicable to the elliptical vibrating screen, if the motor towards the medial rotation, wrongly, that although projectile Angle is 45 ° wire mesh, but there are cuttings rolling back the force, the drilling cuttings migration How to protect the vibrating screen mesh are not wear,forward many slower speed, long stay on the screen, even lead to drilling cuttings can‘t discharge. Screen box running, press the stop button of electric cabinet, the vibrating screen is slowly stopped, observe the small point on the side panel formed ellipse trajectory, when the vibrating screen is running to the sand mouth rolling dryer was right in the fly ash to truly, vibrator shield, scroll to the sand for the correct steering. Check whether apricot eccentric block to the lateral rotation, switch power feeder of the electric cabinet in any of the two phase lines, screen mesh in sprinkle some sand, a row of sand at a faster rate is in the right direction and other measures can effectively prevent the breakage of the vibrating screen mesh. Clay piling vibration amplitude is too small, of course, under the condition of polymer drilling fluid is hard to screening, cannot effectively overcome the viscous force of drilling cuttings (clay), will also lead to accumulation of drilling cuttings on the screen quickly damage the screen.



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