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The main functions of the electronic fence

The main functions of the electronic fence

Is currently the most advanced electronic enclosures perimeter anti-theft alarm system, it consists of electronic fence host and front-end detection fence. Electronic fence host is to produce and receive high voltage pulse signal, and the front-end detection pens are in a state of net, short circuit, open circuit can produce alarm signal, and the invasion of the signal is sent to the security alarm centers; Front-end detection fence consisting of pole and metal wire components such as physical perimeter. By controlling the keyboard or control software, which can realize multiple connected to the Internet. Electronic fence is a kind of active intrusion prevention the fence, the intrusion attempts, and repel invaders, invasion of time delay, and do not endanger people's lives, and the invasion of the signal

1, a complete and clear dividing line of high voltage pulse electronic fence, fences of electrostatic induction, has strong resistance and deterrent effect.

2, has a very low rate of false positives intelligent alarm function.

3, equipped with alarm interface, and other security system linkage, improve the security of the system level.