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The use of vibrating screen in papermaking industry

The use of vibrating screen in papermaking industry


Working principle of the vibrating screen: adopting special mechanical transmission of vertical vibration motor, vibration is generated by four to three dimensional vibration force directly to the screen surface, make online coating can be divided into online and offline content, so as to achieve screening and filtering.

In sizing system application, sieve machine installation suitable mesh sieve, intercept large particle, not dissolved in the coating mass, bulky fiber and other sundry, make online and offline automatic discharging machine, complete coating screening, filtering, continuously circulation, achieve the continuity of production.

The vibrating screen is:

1, high filtration precision, to ensure the uniformity of coating, rubber, liquid; Surface sizing, coating is more smooth, reduce the measuring rod groove block and scThe use of vibrating screen in papermaking industry,raping knife mark paper disease.

2, button design, facilitate quick disassembling, cut operation procedure and time.

3, mesh can exchange, in the network is convenient, only need 3-5 minutes.

4, internal material, online and offline content are discharged automatically.

5, flange type design, slurry spillover, easy to install pipe feeding and rinse.

6, without pumping power, need to use in materials are installed on the return line.

7, the mesh is not blocked, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency, strong production continuity.

Applicable scope: all kinds of sizing, coating, rubber, paint, class or slurry (powder), and other materials Use effect: to remove the large particles in the pulp, not dissolve briquette, bulky fiber, and other sundry,welded wire mesh avoid after coating paper not level off, produce spot, forming defects, especially the sizing, coating line, avoid to cause more waste of resources, improve product quality and ensure the normal operation of production. Instructions on the use of the papermaking process used in vibrating screen link: Vibrating screen which link application in papermaking and how to apply? Let‘s do the simple introduction


1, paper after unpacking, pumping iron wire by plate conveyor to the hydrapulper pulp, waterpower pulp machine to be beating deinking of waste paper, after beating deinking pulp flow into the pit

2, by the pulp from the pulp slurry pump is the pool in the high frequency vibrating screen, high frequency vibrating screen play a role, separating impurities; After the screening of pulp in into the pit

3, by the pulp slurry pool from the slurry pump lift into the cylinder thickener, round net concentrating machine mainly, the concentration of slurry is low by enrichment, and concentrated at the same time can achieve the purpose of washing slurry; After enrichment of pulp in into the pit

4, pulp to be brought into the slurry pump is by rinsing machine, is used to wash clean pulp, bleached pulp; After bleaching of pulp automatically into the pit

5, by slurry pump will pulp in pulping machine, after pulping machine ground into a fine paste, automatic into the pit

6, by slurry pump will sank into the sand pulp, heavy sand such as sand dust made pure pulp after precipitation separation of impurities

7, by slurry pump will pulp into the pressure tank, pressure tank is mixed slurry concentration

8, pulp after pressure tank of mixing again after bed cleaning pump of secondary to remove impurities, pulp into pulp box, made from pure pulp after mixing again.

9, making a good pure slurry into the network slot

10, mesh slot conducted on the pulp flow to a mesh of dehydration, wet sheet forming

11, wet sheet under the blanket holding up and down by squeezing the stick to squeeze

After 12, press paper drying after drying


13, after baking paper after pressure light processing, improve the quality

14, rewinding, slitting, packaging

Quality and processing technology of vibrating screen is also sometimes it is important for the user, the aforementioned change frequently, is due to the unreasonable structure of the sieve and quality closes nevertheless, screen the extension of life science, will greatly improve the working efficiency, saves the production cost of paper mill.



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