How to choose the guy network perspective?

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  • Tension network perspective refers to the warp and weft wire mesh (silk) and net frame edge Angle.

    Guy comes in two forms, one is is stretched, the other is a diagonal stretch mesh. The narration of the two tension net method respectively.
    Net, tense is silk screen of the warp and weft are parallel and perpendicular to the four edges of the screen frame. The warp and weft and 90 degrees to the net frame.

    Oblique tension net, refers to the warp and weft wire respectively and certain Angle to the net frame edges. Use is stretched mesh form stretch mesh, operation more convenient, because can make full use of the screen, can save wire scrap, reduce waste silk screen. However, in the set of

    Color printing using this form when stretched mesh plate making prone to turtle grain, so matching color printing is generally not used is stretched. USES the oblique tension net to improve printing quality, to increase the leak ink quantity also to have certain effect. Its defect is waste silk screen is bigger. To the printing precision

    High and color printing, stretched network perspective of choice has a direct effect on printing quality, network point selection is not suitable for tense, turtle grain will occur. So, generally copies printed, often apply tension network perspective is a 35 degrees 20 degrees, printed in high marks

    Distinguishing rate of circuit boards, due to the use of the wire mesh number is higher, so the net 45 degree Angle choose more appropriate tense. In the actual tension net, in order to reduce waste silk screen, general copy print use is stretched the net more.

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